* Premium Quality, Ultra Pure Hemp Products at family friendly prices from start to finish.
 * Oil, Proteins, Hulled Seeds are totally pure, Raw, Vegan

* USDA and Canadian Pro-Cert Certified Organic

* Kosher Certified, Test Pledge Tested, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Xeno-Estrogen Free, MTBE, Bisphenol-A Free.

* Done in small batches for Extreme Freshness

* Zero Fat to Plastic interaction

* Environmentally Safe, Sustainable Agriculture.

* Founded and formulated by a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, (Accredited by the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, in Encinitas, CA. )
 * Price Points intentionally designed to give you Premium Quality Nutrition, at Family Friendly Prices.
 * Socially Conscious and Active with a name you can Trust!

* Powerful, Unique products of Nutrition and Holistic Medicine

* Compassionate Contributor to Susan G. Komen Foundation Race For the Cure and Surfrider Foundation
 * If treat people the way you want to be treated, you don’t continue to poison them with Xeno-Estrogens from plastic to fat interactions.

* Cancer is Life Threatening, and Xeno-Estrogens especially for Survivors are tremendously dangerous, pick smartly!
 * If you care about your childrens future, you don’t fill it with landfills and oceans of plastic bags and bottles.
 Responsible consumers unite!
Better choices await you!
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