It’s so weird,

In the nutritional and holistic medicine world I’ll always see people fall into the same old traps. 

Polarities and posturing are always so easy to fall into, when really if you are going to be truly client centered, have very little place in compassionate treatment, or accurate results.

People always push for one thing in one direction, or push for another thing in another direction, and then turn around and demonize whatever isn’t them, when more often than not, it’s a very neutral difference that is being discussed, with a variance on that person.

Meaning, I’ll often see people want to try to say because someone is down, that it’s just all nutrition, and if they just eat the right stuff, they’ll be great. Bullshit. That’s not true, and doesn’t even begin to take into the complexities of your behavioural health. There can be very legitimate things that someone can be bummed about, in fact it’s healthy that they’re sad about it. A lack of remorse or despair over certain things when they go wrong is the first indication that someone is pathological and not well.  Not that it’s not important to try to stay positive, it’s just that it is a part of being a healthy person.

As another example, people can so be so vibey and ethereal that they forget to eat right or exercise. Well, that’s not good either.

People can have money problems, and that can cause them stress and depression. Again a basic human need, The need for safety, and not to be spread too thin. Not a nutritional deficiency. Nutrition will help you cope, stay motivated, minimize damage to cells and brain, etc. during said stress, but it is not that what you eat will be the end all and be all of your existence.

Similarly I often find that this industry lends it self to semi-crazed charismatic people, who will attempt to front as though they have nothing to learn.

You show me someone who wants to act like they know it all and have nothing to learn, and I’ll show you someone who’s proven to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that they do. And usually, they are hyper defensive, egocentric, narcissistic, and over state their abilities. Time and time again, and it gets really old. It’s not an isolated incident, it’s a pattern.

Humility and confidence are wonderful things, and best used in the perfect balance. Too much of either is counterproductive.

It is absolutely proper to respect someone’s inherent sense of authority about a given subject, and to offer respect when an opinion is offered. But just remember, if that individual can’t allow for a different perspective in the approach to a given goal, treatment, subject, or hear you out comfortably, then there is a different agenda at play. If you care about people, it will always be a matter of opinion in treatments, and what people think are best, and there are always many many variables to consider.

Something that’s solid can come from many places, clinical data, historical data, hunches, bias, personal experiences, likes and dislikes and they all play a part in trying to figure out what’s best. Without an open heart, an open mind, and open ears offered in the forum of mutual respect, nothing really great is going to happen, and it will be just an ego tantrum, which really doesn’t serve anyone.

Certain things that are winners will almost always be winners.

The parts of life that make up a healthy happy person are numerous, and being polarized too much in any direction really isn’t healthy. It’s a balance that needs to be looked at as a whole, or inevitably parts are not served properly.

When figuring what is going on with your health, or another’s health, and life, make sure you allow room for all the parts, and factor in all the elements if you really want to help.

That’s what good nutrition looks like, that’s what good counseling looks like, and that’s what true love and mutual respect for another human being looks like.

Take time to listen and you’ll be amazed and what you can really discover.

I’ve always got room for another client, and I’ve always got time to help.

If you or a loved one needs help, please sign up for a consult today.

Warm Regards,



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