Our industry is weird.

It really is.

It wants things fresh but it doesn’t want to wait. It wants things organic, but has no patience if something is seasonal.

It wants stuff local, but it won’t pay attention to all the ingredients.

It wants things from small vendors, but it doesn’t want anything to ever run out.

It adopts seals it doesn’t understand, and puts all their efforts into promoting  it or forcing people to have it.

They want people to be incredibly healthy, but refuses to pay staff a wage that allows them to have a good quality of life.

They make a big deal about quality, but only if that quality is convenient.

They have reps for vitamin C that smoke.

People who are obese that sell weight loss products.

Bizarre charismatic people who own companies people buy things from, but that no one can stand.

Giant companies that buy smaller one’s with products no one wants once they buy it, and wonderful people with no cash but have the best stuff around.

Obsessive people who can “really” themselves right into anorexia in the name of health. “I know it’s organic, but is it REALLY Organic?” “They say it’s non gmo but is it REALLY Non gmo?”

Sigh. It’s nuts. But that’s cool. It’s an industry of relationships for better or for worse.

Relationships can be inadvertently damaged, and relationships can be quickly restored, all of it moves at a very fast pace, and at any given time, can reflect the best and the worst of it all simultaneously. And that’s ok.

Somewhere in the middle, you, me, the people we love are just trying to get the products they need, stuff to eat that’s healthy and not franken foods, and add in all the things they need to balance out their life.

Phew….. it’s nuts, and it’s exhausting, but it can also be thrilling and constantly ripe with potential.

Hemp is a form of agriculture that is always rife with difficulties. There’s not alot of people to buy from, not alot of people who grow it, and in the US (although it’s getting better) people are still saturated with the negative meme’s that have haunted and polluted our nation for years.

This is a great video that covers some of the responses and sources for how it all came to be.

Even though hemp agriculture is becoming so much more widely accepted, our governments policies are still entrenched in this hateful, antiquated behavior and conditioning.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but we’re fighting for you to have great agriculture, and great products, in the greatest amounts that we can muster.

As a way to keep from being too overkill to our regular customers, we’ll soon be starting a newsletter for our customer base that’s exclusively just interested in Hemp, for Hemp’s sake, so that we can make our outreach more effective.

For now, please just consider becoming a member as a way to help our efforts to reach the goals of growing hemp here in California more quickly, as we are constantly in action trying to make that happen.

Membership Link: >>>>> Click Here!

As a way of reciprocating your efforts, depending on your membership type, you’ll receive an ongoing discount on all products, in the correlating level of your subscription.

If you’re not into it, that’s cool too.

I just wanted to remind you that as much as people think it’s just as easy to get as flax, goji, chia, or quinoa, it’s not.

We are subjected to constant harassment, scarcity, and unexpected “inspections” that can affect availability, and for the most part I’m the one who absorbs and deals with all the stress and strife of trying to get people their stuff, and that’s fine, that’s my role as the head of the company.

But we do work really hard, trying to get you your stuff, and we’re working even harder to try and get it grown here so people can have jobs, better lives, and better agriculture to help sustain our economy with a powerful crop that will be solid for generations to come.

Slowly but surely we’re making progress. But please stay active in your community helping to educate people about the truths of hemp, to help overcome 80 years of supercharged lies and rampant bizarre misinformation.

Stay strong, stay vigilant, and stay informed.

Warm Regards,










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