But probably not in the way you think…


 “Good” for people who aren’t trying to be stellar is never genuinely good enough in the bigger picture.

“Good” for people who are trying to raise the bar and really take their health to the next level, is not anywhere where near excellent, and excellent health is what people should really be striving for.


One time I had a customer email us FOUR TIMES about how to take a ridiculously simple product that we already had a 20 minute video on, and directions on the label, and it wasn’t even a blend. The video covered over 20 minutes of discussion on applications, amounts, dosages, the whole nine. They were referred to it each time. They were seriously to lazy to read the label, or look on the intenet. The fourth time we received the email, I personally replied to it and told them that if they’re trying to get healthy not to be so lazy, because they’re never going to get better that way.


People don’t like it when you’re direct sometimes but that’s their problem. The fact of the matter is, if people have a health issue they need to get off their ass and really take action once they’re provided correct information. It’s that simple.


It’s about attitude toward how they approach everything, how they approach life, and especially how they approach their health that got them to the point that they needed to seek guidance outside themselves. They can’t approach things the same way if they want to get better. But I digress….


My main point is, that I see people throw away money on the most ridiculous things everyday, and it drives me insane. Not because they choose to get a 100,000 dollar car or have a yacht down in the harbor, or anything like that, it’s because they have these things, and yet are in such poor health that they can’t even enjoy them and it’s crazy.


They have houses that hurt their knees to go up and down the stairs, they go huffing and puffing from one end of the block to the other, their skin is damaged, their hormones are out of balance, it’s awful, and it’s totally unnecessary. I can’t stand it.


My focus and experience is all about how to help people have an incredible quality of life.
In my career I’ve worked in both private and public practice, worked with some of the most intensely pure and excellent companies around doing education, training, and demos in the stores.


I’ve worked with some of the most incredible doctors learning and observing multitudes of powerful alternative therapies completely turn it around for people with very serious illnesses.


I pass people on the street constantly with serious obesity, diabetes, COPD, skin conditions, sore joints, liver problems and just a massive host of other illnesses that I can easily help with get rid of for good, but it takes that person being willing to invest. I know what I know but maybe they don’t, which is why I like to get the word out.


I have worked in some of the most intensive environments possible for holistic and behavioural health and I can get so many of the illnesses out there under control, but that first step starts with someone wanting and believing without a doubt that I can help them get there.


People can get completely lost even when they want to get better because they don’t know where to go. They get the run around from doctor to doctor, to the internet, to another practitioner, to another family member, to Dr. Oz, to what their friend did, it’s ridiculous…. and actually, in the end, really really sad.


If you want to get your health under control, and you’re tired of the run around just email me at info@jeffsbesthemp.com with the title ” Jeff! I want to get Healthy right now!” ,
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Most of all, there is hope. Tremendous, overflowing, amounts of hope.


Stay Awesome,
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