You know, one of the things that always blows my mind is how people evaluate their quality of life.
One of the things that is constantly on the forefront of people’s lives that they just really don’t do a great job at is stress.
Believe me, more than once, I’ve learned the hard way about this.
And once was much more frightening than another.
I’d always had it echoing in my mind, a discussion I had with this really interesting older russian gentleman at Henry’s Laguna about how muscles have memory. Fatty tissue in his perspective does not, but muscle tissue does.
Practitioner friends have always told me the same, and I’ve always taken it with a grain of salt. I thought it was interesting, but maybe with a little elbow room at it’s detailed accuracy.


Well, without getting into the details, I had had a really rough succession of events that had happened, and it really did a number on me.
As a practitioner, and a very health conscious person, I really genuinely thought I had it under control.
Unfortunately I did not.
After a completely relaxing morning, I had just woken up, I had had no coffee, no tea, hadn’t had any tense conversations, wasn’t upset about anything, nothing.
All of a sudden I had a very very sharp pain in my chest, that was excruciating.
And it got worse. Much, Much, worse.
After a couple minutes of this progressing, I was unable to breathe, unable to get air, and was starting to pass out.
I didn’t have a choice but to call 911, and as the girl was talking to me on the phone, the pain was so excruciating I almost passed out, and was sweating profusely.
They broke down my door because I couldn’t get up, and I was taken to the hospital in Mission Viejo off of crown valley.
I remember watching the road from the back of the paramedics thinking dude… wtf… this sucks.
I had had what is called a esophageal muscle seizure or esophageal muscle attack and it was brought on, triggered by extreme stress, grief, and loss. Of which I’d had alot of.
It means that virtually all the muscles that surround your heart and around your esophagus just below your breastbone, and near that area, go into a very aggressive convulsion, and completely cramp up like a leg cramp, except it’s about 10,000,000 times worse, and it’s right in the center of your chest.
It can also be life threatening, because if you pass out as you’re not able to breathe, your body kicks into high gear pumping massive amounts of cortisol and epinephrine into your body trying to get oxygen, which  also puts a tremendous strain on your heart, and the combined effect can then trigger a heart attack. Super fun, especially when you’re single and the only one home.
Great right?  Yeah, Nothing but net….. 🙁

Mind body connection, in effect, and although I thought I’d been handling things ok, the consequences of what I’d been experiencing had landed and building deep in my muscle tissues.

Obviously, it hit it’s rupture point that morning.
It really threw me for a loop, because it is indistinguishable from a heart attack, and even though you can get checked out and have a guess at what something is that happened, to most practitioners, and physicians they will tell you for the most part, it is indistinguishable from a heart attack, and it’s just a gut feeling that will say to a practitioner what it may or may not be.
Obviously that was pretty frustrating, and really really depressing. I was really upset, and very distraught. When my very dear friend came and picked me up, I couldn’t remember anyone’s phone number, had left my cell phone at home, and only had gotten a hold of her because I remembered the number of a nearby store where she worked.
I thought dude, how could this have happened?
I’m super healthy, I eat great, I exercise, I play music, I’m motivated and try to be up….
But the fact of the matter was, I was greatly distraught at the culmination of grief, loss, business and financial stresses, industry changes, and personal upsets that had really taken their toll, even though I thought I’d had a great attitude, and was being very very healthy, it was still too much. F***. Not cool.

After I’d recovered for a few days, feeling really bummed, scared, and still very upset, but trying to be calm….

I was lying in bed, thinking about stress, and how it affects us, and how it had affected me, and what bullshitters we are with ourselves about the very real, very serious consequences of stress are on our health. Especially when we’re health conscious, sometimes we need to front you know? Or just in trying to be positive we can gloss over serious health risks, or minimize things trying not to be too much of alarmists. But good intentions can go awry sometimes.


In an effort to move around, (and I think subconsciously to vent a little, and maybe talk a little to make some sense of everything)….
I had gone to a friends place who owns an essential oil business. When I got there and was talking with her, I was just walking around chatting about things…. saying hi… smelling stuff… this and that oil… and when I was done talking with her and started to leave I noticed something really important.


I realized that from just smelling these wonderful oils and scents, that I had been put in a really great space.
I felt happy, light, relieved, and coming from the nutrition background, having not taken anything and to feel this way really really made me take notice and pay attention to what was happening to me.


Aromatherapy and scents go DEEP into your sensory experience as a human, and take you to a very powerful place.


Sometimes of healing, sometimes of arousal, sometimes of discomfort either by association or just the notes of the scents themselves… it really has a profound effect.
I got to thinking, now if just smelling something great like this gets me in such a healing positive state, and if intention is SO IMPORTANT in reaching or achieving things, “manifesting’ things, holding our focus, or praying for things, then being in a positive state where you can hold those good thoughts and healthy thoughts is probably along one of the TOP PRIORITIES you can have.
I went back and bought a bunch of oils, and started to experiment with what really had great scents and wanted to start to make things that helped to balance energy, vibe, mood, and chi in people’s lives to help them avoid ever having something awful like that happen to them.
What I finally ended up with were my powerful, beautiful, fantastic Synergistic Balancing Mists.
Each aimed at balancing your vibes, and chi, and energy in a way that is non-invasive, that can act quickly, is ready to go. and can be worn on the self, sprayed in the air of a workspace, of a household, of a car, they are totally ok to use anywhere.
They are beautiful infusions of pure Therapeutic grade essential oils, all organic or wildcrafted (NEVER SYNTHETIC!) and are in a base of ultra purified structured water to help give them some extra power and incorporate all my leanings of how powerful structured water is, especially at holding a charge.
I invite you to please try some of these wonderful Synergistic Balancing Mists to help balance out your vibes, and balance out your life.
It’s as simple as that.
The motto of how that all works is even written right on the bottle:
“Power Potency Purity Passion Peace”
step by step, to lead you to a happier, healthier, better quality of life, FAST.
If you haven’t tried any of our awesome Synergistic Balancing Mists, please do, and see what a little bit of good energetics can do to balance out your vibes, and balance out your life. 🙂


Check it out, they’re over here >>>>>>>>>>> Synergistic Balancing Mists!!!
I hope this helps you to have an awesome quality of life of Power, Purity, Potency, Passion, Peace. 
Balance out your Vibes, Balance out your Life. 🙂
Until next time, I wish you love, mercy, and compassion.





















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