Ok, so alot of people are really not into mondays, understandably so. But it doesn’t have to always be lame.


One of the biggest mistakes that people make in attempting to manage mondays, is they allow themselves to get stuck in reaction mode. No bueno.


If you’re ever going ot meet your goals, and crush it like the millionaire that you are, and you already are whether you know it or not, then you have to take the steps and develop the habits that you need to be successful first.


First, allow yourself to get in touch with yourself in the morning before you do anything.


That might sound a bit dicey, but it’s true. If you’re not with it, if the coffee, or oj or mate or tea hasn’t kicked in yet, don’t try to go stumbling into your emails and phone calls, it’s going to deplete you of what little focus and energy you already have, and leave you in a deficit before the week has even begun, that’s no good dude. No one benefits from that.


Your health is the #1 thing that has to come first before anything, and if you don’t get in a good space to crush it, don’t try to do too much stuff.


Get your smoothie, juice, breakfast, meditate, etc. before you try to interact with others, and allow them to interact with you. It’s a habit, and a good one, and you need to get into it if you’re going to rock it.


Second, people create a ridiculous amount of unnecessary anxiety and waste energy on things that are floating around in their hearts and heads, and let it put them in reactionary mode, instead of progress and profit mode. That’s no good.


After you wake up a little, make a list of all the stuff you want and need to get done that day. Then go through and make a second list, or annotate it so that you can prioritize what you need to do, and so that laundry doesn’t get the same priority of following up with your potential big client call, and cost you some misery and cash.


Get that priority list going and pull it all out of your head and heart and get it in front of you. This also allows you to have a schedule to refer to in case someone tried to impose their ideas of what you should and should not be doing upon you. you can refer to it and say, “oh yeah no, that’s on wednesday from 3-4, got it covered, bye…”. It’s a habit needed by many people to make their focus really pay off.


Third, out of all that stuff you wrote down, take the one’s that will make you the most, and make those the priority. Too many people waste time trying to appease the whiney mini clients that are never happy and neglect their easy going large accounts or clients.


That’s a horrific business model, do not do that.


Bring the whiners up slowly, but make sure you give primo attention to the things that help others the most, and are bringing you in the most business.


Fourth, make sure you categorize and prioritize personal things that are as important to you as well. Spending time with family, following up with that person who impressed you for a date, scheduling priority time with your spouse if you’ve gotten a little frazzled for a “date night”, calling that relative or friend that you miss, or just doing stuff that you dig on like jamming on your guitar or walking on the beach, the things that really matter to you.


These will ensure you that your life is following a path and taking steps that you can recognize and remember and refer to that you are making an effort to make life be awesome instead of running around in a panic, and not making real progress.


I got your back, and I hope that helps your monday suck a little less. 🙂

Warm Regards,




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