Hey guys,

One of the things that blows my mind is how totally out of touch certain parts of the US are with the benefits of hemp, or should I say, who have been truly brainwashed by 80 years of propaganda and never woken up from it.

Now that the information age is upon us, we have had an opportunity to close the gap on nonsense and propaganda, and give rise to the truths about hemp plants as a source of agriculture that just seems to have limitless benefits.

The use of the seed in nutrition, the use of the fruit in medical applications, the use of the fiber in construction, the use of the other parts of fiber in clothes…. it just goes on and on and on.

In addition to this, as much as we love the agriculture that comes from Canada over the quality that comes from China, the sheer cost of freight is astronomical. Most consumers aren’t aware that at least $2.00-4.00 per pound of retail goods is all to cover the cost of freight to get it here. That adds up to alot for the country that imports more hemp that any other country around (because we can’t grow it)

That’s amazing, do you see the insanity in that?

In addition to this, I believe that people would much rather purchase hemp agriculture grown here in the US, over agriculture produced in China. Not only would we save all that money on importation, we would generate money as an awesome new exporter to nations that want to try out US grown hemp products.

In addition to this, we can grow it year round. We are not limited by the wintery climates that limits Canada, and our tropical belt could rock this crop year round, giving us a tremendous advantage.

What does that mean? It means a tried and true supply and demand based driven economy that can stabilize our economy, and give tons of new jobs and businesses a chance to not just get by, but to thrive.

Anyone that is a financial conservative that is not supporting the legislation to make it happen for hemp agriculture here in the US is not standing up for their stated agendas.

Here’s at Jeff’s Best Hemp! we’re not just really working our tails off to make fantastic hemp products, we’re diligently trying to help educate and disseminate the information needed to help this nation get back on it’s feet.

Where was the DEA when “Hemp for Victory” was being used to promote hemp growth here in the US for our troops?

Silent, because the truth needed to take precedent for the safety of people’s lives, and the solidarity of our country.

Once things settled, and we had stopped being attacked… they needed something to do or lose their jobs…. and decided to just start up with the hemp propaganda and nonsense again and contradict their propaganda again, losing the trust of the American people all over again.

It’s ridiculous.

I like things to add up, even when it’s not in my favor. I like clean, clear, logical, concise data to be presented. Simple and clear and clear.

Tantruming, ignorant statements like “how would we grow it here and tell if it isn’t marijuana…?”

Really? Are you serious?

Why don’t you ask Canada??!! It seems like they’ve pretty much got that part down to a science. Pretty straight forward…. They did all the footwork for you, just copy it, and get farming. Easy.

It’s important to me that you know I’m in it for the long haul when it comes to hemp.

I want this plant and agriculture to enjoy the same fair treatment that everythign else does, and I want it’s incredible properties and benefits to stop being slandered and lied about.

More importantly, I want our farmers to be treated right, and I want our nation to pull it’s head out of it’s ass when it comes to this plant, and it’s agricultural opportunities. It’s money that’s been left on the table that our country DESPERATELY NEEDS RIGHT NOW.

Our national debt is astronomical. If things don’t change, people in my generation will probably never see their social security, and if we do it will be 10 years later and half as much as everyone else. We just can’t let that happen.

This is one really simple easy way to get back on the right track for many many people in many many different states.

Pretty soon I’ll have a book out that will help to provide some really powerful and helpful information to address every weird thing that’s ever been said about hemp.

Until then, please know I want this plant to be grown here, I want our nation to be strong and healthy financially, and I want our farmers to be treated right.

Never has the success of one thing, stood to benefit so much incredibly important stuff.


Whatever you can, please help to educate people about all the incredible nutritional, medical, and environmental benefits the hemp plant has as a form of agriculture. We have just got to get this right, and get things back on track.

80+ years of lies and propaganda is long enough.

It’s time to grow up and stop lying.

It’s time to grow hemp in America again.

Please get the word out.

I’m in it to win it, and we’re going to do this.

Tell your neighbors, your friends, the people at your church, your temple, your office, your family, whoever.

Tell them the truth about hemp, and how it can help restore our economy, and help our farmers.

Just start the process and tell them. That’s all that I ask.

When people work together, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.

Until next time,

I wish you Love, Mercy, and Compassion.



What do you think?