Hey guys!

I’m a huge believer in Abundance and prosperity. There is absolutely always MORE THAN ENOUGH to go around and it’s always just a matter of connecting the right dots. Especially here, in an area with people who have 20 million dollar houses, boats that sit un-used in the harbor, endless shopping sprees, etc. there is clearly more than enough to help us grow more quickly, especially when we need so little to do so. Regardless, I always believe there is more than enough to go around. As a small grassroots company, running as a pure profit company meaning we have no credit lines, no investors, no anything, we have reached the limit of what we’re able to do, and our demand is exceeding our ability to fulfill it and make that jump to the next level and volume, and it’s very frustrating, and I don’t think it needs to be that way.

If you think that what we have going on is good and worthwhile, and know that we are a great and trustworthy company, we are just making ourselves open to receive abundance and prosperity and meet our goal to be moving forward and hopefully be nationwide by the end of the year. We want to continue to grow and grow quickly in an industry that needs direction, purity, and good vibes added to it to stay on the right path.

This is just an open door to help us rock, and receive the excess from people who are not in need of it, or the good vibes of people who love what we have going on, and want to see our company excel and grow fast so that we’re here to stay, and stay for a long time. We know there are people and companies who wouldn’t bat an eye and the sum of money we’re seeking and we’re just leaving an open door for loving angel investors and contributors to help us rock. We’re not looking for a handout, this is a general and open request for people to participate and give meaning to their funds and invest in something that helps them feel good about their lives, and support someone they think is worthwhile, and making a difference for the better in people’s lives.

All contributions are anonymous, and we’ll send great vibes your way for whoever we think you are. This is just a way to contribute to something awesome. All contributions are safely accepted through Paypal, to make sure it’s extra super secure.

We hope this is well received, and we thank you in advance. We welcome and receive your contributions with Gratitude, Humility, and Joy. God Bless you. 🙂

What do you think?