Every business owner has choices and responsibilities in the way they approach things.

Part of that always figures in cost vs. conscience vs. resources vs continuity.

What does that mean? In short can: I do what I want to do, in a way that I want to do it, because I think it’s better, and still have a steady stressless business flow, that is going to incorporate sustainability and my values of purity, ethics, highest and best use, and minimizing carbon footprint.

this is what rattles around my head in between cups of reishi and mate…..

So as something to know about my company, from the very first day, we have sought to try and find ways to do things that impacts generations to come in the least harmful, if not positive ways as possible. Usually no one even notices, but I think it’s something I feel good about, and hopefully it does to you too.

Apart from the health benefits of things being done in glass, glass completely dissolves after a short period of time. I walk the beach DAILY. Surfing, body surfing, the ocean, swimming, sea shells, stones, tidepools, I love all of it.

What I don’t love are freakin’ cigarette butts, styrofoam and plastic bottles and cups, and plastic nurdles littering the shores of almost many beaches out there.

It’s sad, and it shows again the the entire mentality of our culture and generation is not looking long term. Houses are built fast and not meant to last, and many areas are just rushed through with no thought as to there even being a future. Just exploit it, bleed it dry, take what you wanted from it, think of no one but yourself, and cast it aside. Devilish self centered consumerism at it’s finest, and it will quickly be the end of us all.

At my company I wanted to make sure we incorporated ways to make the better right from the start.

So, as a standard we do some things that hopefully help.

  • Most items are in glass, and everything is either certified organic, or lab tested/verified pesticide, herbicide, toxin, paraben, sulphate, dioxin, bpa, and preservative free. Nothing bleeds into the water supply. On our bags we use a BPA free liner, and eventually will utilize a substance called Biotre which is a plant based liner that dissolves in a landfill in about 28 days or less with ZERO toxicity. No nerdels, no plastic bags, nothing to ruin the beach for my self, our kids, and feed the ever growing gyres of plastic in the ocean that no one can even begin to comprehend or figure out what to do with.
  • When we receive shipments of virtually any item, we reuse all the packing material so it stays out of the landfills even for a second run. That’s why sometimes shipments will arrive with one type of packing material, and sometimes another.
  • For the material we purchase, with regards to peanuts, we exclusively utilize material made from 100% recycled material, or more often even than that, 100% biodegradable peanuts, that dissolve and actualyl that you can eat. Even though they taste totally nasty.
  • Most shipping boxes that didn’t contain and food based ingredients, are reused and sent out again for orders as they fit to minimize damage and unnecessary waste.
  • Virtually all the shelving utilized in the warehouse with the exception of some small guys, was purchased second hand, to avoid it being thrown away, and keep it in use. Our non second hand shelves are all made from recycled plastic.
  • We continually strive to produce things and source things from vendors that are as local as humanely possible. Prior to “Local” being a buzzword at certain chains, I had this as a standard for my company because I wanted to know the people I do business with personally, and for them to know if they pulled anything, I’d be there in person in their office asking why.  It’s never needed but that template has stayed pretty solidly intact.
  • Our bottles, packaging material, labels, co-packers, soaps and soap makers, and shrink seals are all made by companies less than 50 miles away. Once in a while due to scarcity, we have to outsource bottles from farther away, but usually it works out fine.
  • The only thing we currently can’t find from a local source is certain ingredients, because only a small amount of agriculture is grown at a commercial level locally due to the exorbitant rates of taxation and business fees associated with California businesses. For those of you who don’t know, a massive amount of businesses completely left California in 2011 because doing business here is so ridiculous, and they literally attempt to enact a new fee, fine, license, etc. on a weekly basis to save their corrupted salary spending, poor choice of taxation (they have vetoed two measure to grow agricultural and medical hemp in California in the last 3 years), and think they way to help people be more prosperous is to remove higher and higher amounts of money from people. It’s grotesque and ridiculous.
  • Our soaps are produced by hand in San Clemente, our body oils and synergy blends are made and blended in Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano, and our raw foods vitamins are done currently in Orange , all in California.
  • Not bad right?
The whole point of this is to just help you understand the extra steps that are taken to go above and beyond the norm.
These are standards that my company operates on, on an every day basis.
And everything is of course totally Vegan. No animals were harassed to make your stuff.
We don’t make big piles of cash, in fact most of my products are incredibly low margin and volume based, but we do make a huge difference in people’s health, in the quality of the world and environment around us, and think past just the moment for generations to come. I do it because it’s what I believe in, its’ MY standards, and that’s what it’s all about. I don’t care what other people are or aren’t doing, I care about what we’re doing, and how we can be a positive presence in the industry, in our community and in the world.
With your continued support, we’ll continue to grow, and maybe we can make our above the norm standards, become the norm, and then everybody wins.
Warm Regards,




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