Well, this isn’t the easiest thing to talk about and it’s not the hardest either. But it’s very personal and that’s not always easy to share, but then again it is. I’m just not much of a typer, I’m a talker so it always feels like I’m in slow motion when I try to type things for people, I really don’t like it that much , but I’ll do the best I can

People ask me all the time, “What did you do to overcome your Cancer” and I always tell them ” Prayer, 100% is absolutely 100% absolutely what I feel, know and will attest to this very day as being the recovering factor in my Cancer recovery”. Even though I’m very much for and espouse on the benefits of healthy eating, living and have been propelled more and more in aspects of that direction, I’m a behavioural specialist, and I know that what’s within and beyond us is much greater, the supernatural, as it is properly named is and always will be much more than the natural. In fact I’d go so far to say that the supernatural, of course, can bend the natural to it’s will when utilized properly, and properly sanctioned by God. 

Now for my beliefs, I’m in the Judeo-Christian category, and I consider myself a rather unorthodox Christian, and in being that I think I carry out the word the Lord taught more accurately in this modern age. I can espouse on my reasons and experiences for stating it in this way some other time. But it requires conversation, alot, and it won’t fit in here. It’s positive though, promise. 

Now, for me, at the time of my diagnoses, I was absolutely crushed. I was eating well, I was trying to be proactive, I was juicing, I did everything that you would think made you healthy. To be quite honest, that phase and time for me only comes through for me in broken pieces, glimpses, things that I feel are accurate for the most part, but that I have a tough time recalling because I was so incredibly depressed and disoriented about what I had been told. 

To put it in short, because the specifics are all very personal to me, not for the public fodder, not for general consumption. However, with that in mind, I had had not one, not two, but FOUR confirmations and tests at the time that there was very much something present in my system, and that it didn’t look good, specifically that it was lymphoma. 

Now, I’m not sure if you understand what that’s like, and I genuinely from the bottom of my heart don’t want you to ever have to. Or anyone else that you love.  

I can only tell you that in the time between my diagnosis, and what I then heard at the hospital was quite startling and dumbfounding.

I will never forget the look on the physicians face when I met with him in his office, he literally looked like a ghost. I was told by the physician in front of my family, and ex-fiance (fiance at the time) that “Jeff, before I say this I want to tell you, all I do all day, every day, is speak to people about their results. I would NEVER, EVER share or tell someone that they had anything, and especially NEVER tell someone that they had what I shared with you unless I was absolutely sure that something was going on. The purpose of my meeting with people at this stage is to discuss what the next steps are usually going to be, please, it’s very important that you know that.” And then I’ll never forget he too a breath and had the most mystified look on his face. ” With that said, we have run all the tests, double and triple checked all of our results, cross referenced all of what we have available and …. well … you’re good (and kind of half smiled half looked shocked .” and I just remember just being frozen gripped… unable to understand what he had just said to me because it fried all my circuits.  I said ” what do you mean I’m good, what does that mean, I don’t understand….” and I could feel myself sort of start to cry out of stress and shock and just overwhelming-ness at that point. I wasn’t sad but it was like all the feelings I couldn’t fit in my body decided to sneak out of my face a little because they had nowhere else to go. 

He said, “What I’m saying is that, we’ve checked all your third test results THREE times, I had two sets of them done twice because I couldn’t believe it. What I’m saying is that your tests all came back clear, you’re good, I honestly don’t understand it other than all I can say is that someone up there REALLY likes you”  .

I was stunned, and I was happy, I cried, I just remember it was all sort of a jumble and I said thank you and sort of meandered outside, and the doctor was still sitting there pretty much staring at his folder he looking as stunned as I was at what he just told me. We all had quite a session after and it’s taken me a long long time to process this, and I STILL have trouble fitting it all in my head, there’s just too much, there’s no room to stuff all that in there. To this DAY I revisit this as I’m able in small doses because it just overwhelms me too much.  

With regards to being able to talk about it, it’s even harder, and it’s taken even longer, and it’s still difficult. Very difficult because it’s just too personal. But it’s true.

And what I found out later was that in the in between time, in addition to all my prayers, that there had been quite a great deal of people praying for me that I was unaware of at the time.  I had been totally unaware of it.

After time passed and my experience was shared more, I was amazed of the amount of people that mentioned they were praying for me. It was and is amazing.

So when people ask me what I did to overcome cancer, I always tell them right up front, that it was prayer that saved my life. I’m completely sure of that. 

With regards to the role of prayer in the role of healing and recovery there are now VOLUMES of studies on how prayer can affect and increase the healing process, hold off disease, and turn things around for people. I’m also acutely aware that this is not the case for people sometimes, and have struggled with it quite severely in my life for people who I have even more greatly prayed for and that did not survive. It is a source of deep deep pain and confusion in my life that I have not overcome, and probably never will, and that’s ok.

I can however always be honest with people about what was the big thing in my life that turned it around for me and I am. In my work, and my research, and my approach to health in general, I have no room for a fractured , disjointed, corrupted, shuffle game of smoke and mirrors and egocentric nonsense led by venomous mindlessness, filthy lucre, arrogance, betrayal of oaths, of conscience, of paths, and of purpose. 

I am 100% dedicated to the things that I feel bring about results, to the things that work for me in trying to manage my struggles in life, and in the lives of others, and the total undebatable first hand empirical evidence and experience and witnessing of what works for people in health and nutrition and medicine and healing from my life, and my own cohorts in my vast network of individuals that I love and call friends in the various disciplines and capacities that they are able to serve.

NO ONE has the right to tell you or anyone else that something has not produced are result anymore than someone has the right to tell you that you don’t have a headache. It is an undeniable aspect of life that someone simply has to step back and recognize that something is going on for better or worse, that is not THEM, and allow room for that other persons experience, in their experience, out of dignity, love, compassion, education and mutual respect. 

ANYONE not offering this simple fundamental courtesy to another, for whatever reason, at any time, is not anyone ever that you should ever listen to or bother with for a single minute to defend any statements ever regarding your, or anyone else’s recovery. EVER.

They are pursuing another agenda, and that agenda is NOT in your best interests or the interests of your loved ones…

I’d like to end this with by asking you this one simple question:  If you were standing in a room with a mixture of recovered patients, people, and doctors, and they weren’t wearing name tags, or identifying tags, and someone you were talking to stated that such and such a therapy was ineffective and that it hadn’t helped anyone, and the person they were standing next to turned around and said, I beg your pardon, that’s not true, in fact it saved my life and told you how.  If the original person got all huffy and resorted to denying the very statement that it had SAVED THAT PERSONS LIFE just to try and save face for that conversation…. who is it that they are serving and how egregiousness is their egocentrism or malice towards the person they are speaking with? a stranger yet?!

And yet this plays out every day.

I love God, and I truly believe that it was prayer that saved my life, and I will attest to anyone who ever asks me.

I just wanted to share that with you.  

Like I said, I’m a talker not a typer.  This is more than enough. 😉

Warm Regards,




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