When I first launched my product line, it was fueled by the frustration that there was virtually no great hemp products that had been produced for years, or versions of them, and even more so, that companies took so glibly the very real health risks of BPA and it’s contact with Healthy Fats. As a cancer survivor who can be put at considerable risk for a recurrence of cancer by this particular chemical, along with many others I was furious that no one gave an ish, and was determined to make some changes for the better. At the time virtually NO ONE did anything like it, NO ONE.

Initially, some buyers really gravitated toward that truth, and were already very health conscious themselves. Secondarily managers at stores and staff, then customers immediately appreciated the efforts. I was thrilled.

However with some buyers, this was not the case. One buyer lashed out at my company, stating that there was no danger to BPA, that it was all inconclusive, that I was being misleading by taking this stance on this danger, and that “all the products in plastic could make that same claim”, which obviously wasn’t true, but it was maliciously received, and the disdain was spammed out to a region full of managers to intimidate them from bringing the products in their stores. That one buyer was the total exception as well, virtually everyone else loved the items, and I just decided to forgive it, to act in love, patience, tolerance, and move on, knowing that the truth would make itself known, and man did it ever.

Eventually as the truth came out about the dangers of BPA, more and more information got stacked in my favor. Which was totally awesome. In less than just a couple years, it went from being something that hardcore health enthusiasts knew about, and practitioners knew about, to something that the entire company of Kroeger knew about, to something that entire states knew about.

Kroger got rid of it on all their receipts paper because it put their 72% female dominant cashier workforce at risk, 14 entire STATES got legislation passed to ban products with it in their states, and the crem de la crem, even though it didn’t pass, the severity of it’s health risks was finally the primary subject of the FDA and although they didn’t yet ban it, they made it very clear it presented significant health risks to a major part of the population. And the coups de gras, the best thing ever, CANADA issued a ban on all BPA products by 2013. Did I mention that I love you God?

Pretty freakin’ sweet, and it made me feel awesome for all the stressful, unnecessary crap I went through.

But the problem as a whole still remains in the Natural Products Marketplace.

In the selections, practices, and things that are emphasized, the very real and true dangers of this substance barely seem to be on the radar of staff at most health food stores and it blows my mind. How has this disconnect occurred?

Almost anything could be used as an example.

Greens packaged in plastic will leach the betacarotenoids out of the greens as fast as you can say well, ok it takes a little longer but it happens quick, and the naturally occurring Vitamin K? Kiss that good bye, it doesn’t survive.

Proteins in plastic oxidize, and lose some of their viability. As well as leaching BPA out of their containers is they have any healthy fats. you can’t have it both ways guys, it’s either an inferior one without them, or a toxic one with them. It’s a lose lose either way.

Liquid vitamins, water, bodycare… etc. the list goes on, especially bodycare mixes yikes….that’s a total toxic soup if there ever was one. All of it if it’s in plastic is disrupting your endocrine system, getting stored up in your fatty tissues, and on top of everything else, if you detox it too rapidly from your fatty tissues, you can cause even greater risks to your health that are even huger that all of this. It’s a seriously bad scene dude, no bueno.

Of all the industries leading the pack on the dangers of BPA and making sure they are no where to be found in the stores, especially in the VITAMINS AND BODYCARE DEPARMENT, the Natural Products stores should be the one’s doing it.

And yet, we find quite the opposite.

On top of all this, despite the presence of it in the stores, the FDA officially banned BPA in all children’s products in 2012. Finally something I like that the FDA has done. Even a blind gunman shoots something eventually I guess if you give him enough bullets and a gun.

This subject is the Elephant in the Livingroom of the Natural Products industry, and why? Because the cost of doing things in glass is incredibly EXPENSIVE. It also limits your asthetics, glass simply can’t be manipulated and marketed with the flexibility of plastic. Literally, it just can’t be bent into all those shapes. And when some people will say that the packaging is at least 50% of why something sells, or why someone buys it…. well you do the math and just follow the dollars.

Also the very real financial incurrance of loss due to shatters, breaks, and cracks is a tremendous concern for many many companies, this plus the skyrocketing costs of virtually any shipping carrier, fedex, ups, dhl, usps, all of them have all skyrocketed in price since 2009, it’s  the tipping point that some companies simply can’t do. Even though they should.

I come from the perspective that there’s always a solution, you just have to look for it. You can make slight adjustments to the volume of the product contained (this is the easiest by far), you can adjust prices (think facebook changes at a store wide level, tantrums aplenty), or possibly adjusting minimums to match the weight needed by the vendor to get the lowest shipping prices (problematic if you have a small sku range).

Either way, there’s no excuse.

It might mean that people make less but they’ll still be profitable businesses.

And when it comes to toxicity from a cancer causing, fertility disrupting, endocrine disrupting substance like BPA, can you really put a price on that?

There will always be a small portion of the population that balks at paying premium prices for premium quality products. these are the people who walk in with a negative agenda, form their misinformed negative lives and ask for a b complex, and you will ask them which one, and they say all blearly eyed and glazed over uh, well, there’s all the same aren’t they? as if you’re going to just dish and say awww yeah, whoops looks like you found us out, ahh you’re so smart. No, unfortunately you’re not, and just by the way, there is a HUGE difference in the qualities of various B complexes, don’t even get me started.

But as for people who are will to pay premium prices for quality products, they make up the better portion of the Natural Products and Gourmet products World. That applies to Wines, Beers, Olive Oils, Specialty cooking oils, Kombuchas, Water, you name it, they’ll notice a difference and they’ll appreciate the effort that went into it.

So this whole thing with people trying look past the Elephant in the Living room of their Natural Products market place, it’s ridiculous. Everyone is one the same page and it just needs to be emphasized, as if you happen to work at one of these stores, I have to believe in my heart of hearts you chose to work there to be apart of wanting to help people live healthier lives. You picked there instead of several other types of settings and careers, and yo’ull feel most content with your life, and satisfied if you assist people in making that exceptional choice of something safer, healthier, and take the time to inform customers about the very real danger of BPA.

Believe me, they will come back and thank you for it, and you will be the one in their eyes that lead the way on an issue that was just barely beginning to surface.

That is what a WIN-Win situation looks like. 🙂

Until next time…

Warm Regards,



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