When you think about it, alot of people are struggling to be healthy, and struggling to have their finances secure right now. It’s a shark tank out there, and ocean of great whites and we’re trying to be peaceful swimmers in what we do.

Having anxiety over things you can’t control isn’t incredibly healthy, and we could probably all do better in that realm, but doing nothing about the things that you can change is just as bad.

There’s a difference between being bogged down and sad, and energized to find solutions. Solution oriented behaviour gets up and says to itself, man I’ve got some s*** to do and I’m going to take care of that, and if there’s an obstacle you say, ok how do I find a work around for that, or where does the solution to that particular obstacle begin, and then they do it. Blaming and finger pointing and belittling yourself about your choices accomplishes nothing, all of that is time better spent on identifying your challenges and then taking steps to permanently change that situation.

Constructive change can be as simple as identifying an ongoing problem in your life, identifying how much it constantly affects you, how dedicated you are to changing it, and developing the steps and plan that you need to adhere to after that to permanently get rid of that problem. It’s that simple.

Identifying who is and is not in your best interests to keep around in your life is a huge step in that direction. Do you have friends on facebook, or in your social circle who somehow seem to think they can just flake out on you or treat you bad, and yet somehow will still stick around and be your buddies? Bulls***. Get them the f*** out of there fast. I don’t mean call people up and tell them they’re assholes, I mean simply make a list and say, ok, these people are not helpful, they add nothing to my life, they left me hanging when I needed help and voiced my challenges, and the manner in which they interact with me is disrespectful and unloving, and unappreciative of my talents and the things I love about myself, my life, and my family, and it’s unhealthy and dangerous for me to perceive them as people I can count on, or who care about me, or are anything other than self involved peripheral people who I happen to be aware of, and maybe know the names of. Sound familiar?

It’s a HUGE world out there, and stagnancy in the way we interact with people is deadly to upward mobility. I am acutely aware that there are many circumstances that can interfere with that type of change happening as quick as you’d like, but it’s important to take stock in your situation, identify the things you do and don’t like, and see what’s going on with what you want, how you feel, what’s important to your life, and how you’re living matches up with that.

Reciprocally, make sure you are expressing thanks and gratitude for the things you have in your life that are going right. And be mindful of how vibrations and vibes proceed you as you go forth in the world, as well as how you are doing business daily and conducting yourself. A sexy millionaire vibe looks and feels very different from a vibe of someone that is upset with themselves, and stressed about cash. Emanating the first in a humble positive way, has a great way of generating that circumstance much more than emanating the second, even if that goal hasn’t quite been fulfilled or achieved yet. Anyone who has seen someone really fun, or positive, or loving and attractive enter a room and can see immediately how it shifts the entire dynamic of the entire room and everyone in it knows EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Make a list of things you want to change and things you’re thankful for, and how you want to go about changing them, including things that are incredibly important like prayer and meditation in that process. Talking to God, being patient, being compassionate, being thankful are all ways of opening up the abundance doors because I think it sends a message that you’re stoked that you’re being paid attention to, and that you are ascending to reciprocate loving powerful passionate vibes of growth and direction towards a better life.

Whether it’s your health, your relationship status, or your income, it all takes an amalgamated effort of you doing your part, and the rest being taken care of by other variables, such as God fulfilling your prayers, opening doors for you, creating or allowing the right people to make their way to you at the right time, and creating in them the right perspective to see that you’re awesome.

You have no control over what anyone else is or is not doing really, but you very much have control over what you are doing in your life, and how you go about it.

Take a step back and make that list. Even if that list is to feel more content with what you have, and to feel ok being content with what you have, that is still an assessment that increases your awareness, and shifts your vibes to something better, cleaner, less cluttered, and in a healthier spot.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. That’s all I’m saying.

Take stock, be clear, and where necessary clear the clutter to make room for the awesomeness and prosperity that wants to meet you today. 🙂

Make that list, and then get your plan together, and get going. Even if they’re baby steps, they’re still action steps toward a better situation for you and your life.

Warm Regards,



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