You know it’s weird,

People can have such ass backwards values sometimes and it always throws me for a loop. I understand instant gratification, I also understand long term results, and given the choice for one over the other, people will almost always take the first.

But when it comes to health, and value, and priorities, people can be  really really bassackward.

I’ve worked with people who had THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of dollars at their disposal, who would come in with 12 meds under their belt, 2-3 meds to offset the side effects from the meds that they were already taking, and would have tons of toys (boats, ATV’s, ski’s) etc. that they were absolutely unable to enjoy because they were achey, unable to breathe properly, had a heart problem, had osteoporosis, or were just so obese they couldn’t fit into anything comfortably and I used to think, “wow, what a total waste”.

If they had spent a fraction on their health, and a tenth of what they spent on all of their “toys” they would be in fantastic shape with ZERO liver toxicity from all their gosh damn meds. It’s tragic. But it’s all about Values, and Priorities, and like I said, people are weird.

This obviously doesn’t even touch on the subject of very serious illness.

And yet, when you try to discuss the cost of a simple program for people to get healthy, to REALLY get healthy, or the cost of standard s***ty alopathic treatments for someone to get better they will have the most bizarre balking at the cost or price of what’s involved, or what they need to do, even if it gets them totally cured. And part of that is a symptom of the heinous climate of medicine in america right now.

Even if it does cure someone, you can’t really say it cures you because alopathic medicine has done such a poor job for so long, nothing they yield can offer that kind of hope, and part and parcel with that the laws and behavioural patterns fall right in line with that.

However there are MULTITUDES of things out there that can cure, and minimize health issues to the point that they are almost non existent. The hiding of them from the public eye, or simple lack of exposure is one of my most difficult things to bear.

I’ve seen it first hand, time and time again that for those willing to invest in their health, and for those willing to make that leap of commitment because they have weighed what it means to not do so against the benefit of if they do.

It’s not just an investment in yourself, it’s an investment in the people who love you, and that you LOVE.

I think I’m often mistaken for someone who is a very “up” kind of person, and for the most part I try to be, who has experienced alot of loss, and is kind of bummed sometimes, when in fact more often than not I’m struggling to stay “up” because I’m overwhelmed by the amount of loss and grief and sadness I’ve experienced from losing the people I love to some form of cancer or serious illness.

Sometimes you don’t lose people either, sometimes you experience them in a compromised state, greatly less than they once were, and this is also very very difficult. At any given time, I never know when it will hit me, but when it does, it’s BAD.

Holidays are even worse. Sitting across from an empty chair at a table that used to hold the people you love with no gaps, is absolutely excruciating.

I say this because I constantly get asked different questions about health, and I find myself offering the same advice to the same questions, for the same ailments, because what is the best thing to do, will stay the best thing to do. 99% of the time unless there’s really an odd variable in there, and even then it still stays the same.

If you are trying to get healthy, and just want to take some simple steps to try and ramp up your health fast, you can easily do it with my new Ebook, 10 Easy Steps to Opulent Health. It’s a powerful little goldmine of information that can really cut the curve fast.

However… if you’re really in that state I discussed earlier, on tons of meds, achey, unhealthy, or have been diagnosed with a very serious illness, and absolutely are ready to make that commitment to take the steps necessary to completely turn it around and get rid of the things that are making life miserable, I really strongly urge you to please join me  and Maria Whalen as your health coaches in the Zhi3Fusion program where you can take the steps needed to totally turn it around in three months flat.

The results for people’s live speak for themselves, and this is the time to just put and end to the needless suffering, and  take back control of your health.

I really mean this from the bottom of my heart.

Please don’t wait for someone to miss you, or until you miss someone unnecessarily to make that step that will revolutionize your health.

Values and priorities. That’s all I’m saying.

Please just email me, or leave your request or feedback in the comments below if you wish to discuss anything further. I’m here to help.

Just something to think about. Here’s the links to look at things more if you’re ready to make that leap.

Zhi3Fusion Intentional Medicine

10 Easy Steps to Opulent Health


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