You know, I’ve been doing alot of thinking lately….


About how information flows in our society, and the climate of “medicine” in our country, that being the USA.


With regards to information that is out there to help prevent and treat Cancer, initially the manner in which the laws were put into place, were to prevent the compromised from being exploited emotionally, spiritually, financially, and to protect the ill from being further hard-shipped if you will.

But now we’ve arrived at this completely bizarre point where even if something is incredibly helpful, or can treat it, you still can’t even say it. Now the big money will make you a target of their abuse and believe there is alot of money to fuel their punches, slurs, and demonizing attempted slander.


I had to ask myself,  you know, you get these people who have no further education than their poorly trained alopathic background, shuffled and fueled by the alopathic system in the things that it focuses on that are definitely needed, regarding surgery and trauma, which are definitely needed. But with regards to more advanced education they receive absolutely NOTHING. And it’s sad because they are shuffled into a system with 100,000 in debt for their schooling, and usually put into a clinical or medical setting where their costs if it’s a practice barely can make a dent in it because of the way that insurance bills, its’ really the insurance companies who indirectly dictate how they’ll approach a treatment, because of what will be covered when someone goes in, and they want to be paid of course, and if they refer out side of that they’re liable on record in the eyes of the stagnant and ancient US medical board, as well as risking not being covered for their time. It’s not the highest and best treatment that springs to mind, but the one that will keep them from being in trouble, and the one that will pay. Clearly, not very Hippocratic oath motivated.

If you were to ask a new graduate about the benefits of Gerson Therapy, Diet, Budwig Protocol, and a huge chunk of other treatments that have turned it around for people and saved their life, they’d most likely not know about it, attempt to state it produced no benefit (a conditioned response developed by their peers and cohorts in their protective and close social world of medical student buddies prior to graduation and after), or slander the statement and the patient that it benefited.

Why? To protect their investment and their ego. To allow them to retreat into the theatrical setting of the US Medical establishment that seeks to tune out everything it has not yet invented a decent measuring stick for…… Contrary to popular belief the medical community is not always very scientific. It’s reactions to very simple information that we would all just think everyone knows now, was once the fodder for intense demonization and ridicule. Handwashing before surgery to prevent disease and infection? The Benefits of Vitamin C? Each subjects that were made the punching bag of the US medical establishment in it’s ongoing heyday of egotism, and blind ridicule. Look up the history on these two. You’ll be shocked.

It’s most grotesque offense however, is tuning out the very person who could be standing right in front of them who HAD THEIR LIFE SAVED AND ENDED THEIR HORRIFIC SUFFERING!!!!

The thing usually gone to is a statement that “there wasn’t enough clinical data” as if that would halt the assault. Well, apart from the fact that people in more cutting edge protocols being tried out can lack the funding on a scale necessary to pay off the FDA in the manner that Usury fees do by the Pharmaceutical Industry, the glaring fact that someone who had a life threatening illness that was confirmed by a representative of their version of a medical establishment (aka physician, doctor, practitioner, etc.) now DOES NOT have said life threatening illness, and the joy that that should incite, doesn’t even seem to land on their radar!!!! Talk about perverse and ghoulish, from someone who swore a Hippocratic oath?  It’s disgraceful.

A person existence and testimony right in front of someone should be a HUGE measuring stick to the alopathic medical community that someone did something right, and they should be excited, and eager to learn it anytime it comes up!

Not defensive, slanderous, and hateful, pumping money into smear campaigns to protect their vested interests, or sometimes simply their puffy ridiculous ego’s.

I read a blog the other day by some asshole, who had an alopathic background, that was GROSSLY uneducated about several different types of alternative medicine. And, these alternative forms I might add were and are developed and currently USED BY MAINSTREAM PHYSICIANS ON OTHER COUNTRIES TO HELP REVERSE CANCER!!!!!! Physicians, Dr.’s just like this asshole, in Japan, Germany, Mexico, France and Russia, to successfully treat Cancer. Patient testimonies on each treatment were available on each site.

This person, when coming across this same information being used by someone here in the United States, was getting all puffy, seemed to be totally unaware of all the data and patient recoveries, and groundbreaking research that was going on.

Now mind you, there are even simpler ways to kick into gear the healing process, but these were all very effective, with good clinical data available on them.

This guy was just rambling away, about how they should all be thrown in jail, how wrong it was to exploit people who were ill and that these guys were all quacks, charlatans, and heinous people, attempting to base the argument from some type of protector of the people holier than thou down the nose view. When he was the one who was ignorant…. of the advanced work OTHER DOCTOR’S IN OTHER COUNTRIES HAD MADE!!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!

Holy crap you guys…..  Seriously, what do we do with these kinds of people?

What type of penalty are these ignorant hopestealers to pay for falsely misleading innocent people into thinking that there was no hope for them if they had some form of a life threatening illness? That their ignorance and statements might cost someone who puts too much value on “what they read on the internet” their very life, and cause needless suffering?

If someone is going to get on their high horse and start swinging at people trying to cure AIDS and Cancer, that are actually getting great results, and from a multitude of different approaches, then I have to ask myself, what is the penalty that they face for disheartening people who really need every ounce of hope they can get?


What is the punishment for telling someone that something like chemo or surgery with it’s incredibly low success rates, was the better choice than a myriad of treatments that have zero toxicity, get better results, and don’t cause the one type of unhealthy cells to mutate into hundreds of different types of cancer cells? What do we do with them?

So far nothing. And I think that’s wrong. At least when it comes from someone who swore a Hippocratic oath.

There is SO MUCH HOPE OUT THERE for anyone with a serious illness, and there is so much great stuff going on. It’s impossible to coalesce into one small space here.

Don’t let those awful people lead you down a darkened road, when there is so much that can help.

We might not be able to “throw the book at them” for their incredibly damaging misinformation, but we can certainly continue to share the information that help people to be healthy, and let the results speak for themselves.

It’s only a matter of time until that which was once obscure, is clearly brought into the light.


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