Jeff’s Best Hemp! is the result of my personal quest for the best! Jeff’s Best Hemp! is Cold-Pressed and Cold-Filtered for Maximum Purity. Cold-Filtration provides a pure, clean, Hemp Seed Oil free from dust sediment and soot. Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil keeps all of the heat sensitive nutrients and molecules intact.

In addition to being cold pressed, Jeff’s Best Hemp! is step filtered (not gravity) through a 1 Micron particle size filter (for reference, a red blood cell is approximately 5 microns) to provide you with the absolute best purest, and delicious tasting Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil on the market.

Step filtration (as opposed to Gravity fed filtration) ensures you the exact same quality of product from bottle to bottle

By using a 1 Micron Particle size filter you are provided with the absolute purest Hemp Seed Oil on the market removing all forms of dust, soot, sediment, and husk related particulates that can accumulate on the outside of the seeds and husks in the farm prior to harvesting and pressing

Jeff’s Best Hemp! is Xeno-Estrogen FREE! Healthy Fats stored in plastics develop Xeno-Estrogens which mimic Estrogen in the human body putting the consumer at risk for a myriad of illnesses and very serious health issues.

As a cancer survivor myself, I don’t take the issue of Xeno-Estrogens, MTBE, or Bisphenol-A lightly and you shouldn’t either!

Jeff’s Best Hemp! is a compassionate contributor! We contribute 3-5% profits from each bottle of Jeff’s Best Hemp! to the Susan G. Komen-Race for the Cure. A purchase of Jeff’s Best Hemp! is a purchase toward fighting Cancer. Just FYI.

I hope you enjoy, benefit, and celebrate the beauty of this mineral rich, gorgeous, and pure hemp seed oil as much as I do!

Jeff’s Best Hemp! Cold Filtered Hemp Seed Oil is also USDA and Canadian Pro-Cert Certified Organic, as well as Kosher, Test Pledge Third party tested, and completely stored in Amber Glass.

Delicious and Nutritious, with Nothing Suspicious!

Jeffrey Von Stetten, C.C.N.,B.S.H.S. Founder and Owner of Jeff’s Best Hemp!



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