Get the most soothing close shave, without toxic chemicals, that you’ve ever had. Made powerfully and simply with Ultra Pure-Premium quality Food Grade Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Calendula, and Chamomile.

All Organic and Wildcrafted ingredients, amplifying the already powerfully soothing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties of our Organic Cold Filtered Hemp Oil.

100% Vegan 100% Paraben Free 100% Gluten Free 100% Glycol Free 100% Dioxin Free 100 % Pesticide/Herbicide Free 100% Xeno-Estrogen Free 100% MTBE Free 100% Cruelty Free 100% Bisphenol-A Free 100% Non-GMO 100% Laurel Sulphate Free

Rich in healing antioxidant Vitamin E and GLA, in a totally wholefood and naturally occurring state. Vitamin E from hemp is also a Gamma Tocopheral or Mixed Tocopheral E, sought after as the most ideal form of Vitamin E available.

No need to buy it seperate, cause it’s already in there naturally!

To top it off, it’s All in Amber glass, free from Xeno-Estrogen, MTBE, and Bisphenol A causing plastic. You can look great and be healthy without compromising your health goals on junky chemical laden shaving gels and creams.

Try it today!



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