Jeff’s Best Blends! RAW Organic Super Fiber Formula!

This is a simple easy to understand product, aimed at providing a superior form of fiber than bulky bloating psyllium.

  • A Breakthrough in Holistic Medicine-specialized super fine grind of Organic Enzymatically Stabilized Rice Bran Hulls, providing 4.2 insoluble, 2.8 soluble grams of fiber for a 7 gram serving!
  • Excellent for colon cleansing, detoxification, digestive regularity, improving absorbtion of nutrients, and removing blockages.
  • Organic and Naturally containing small amounts of the antioxidant oil Gamma Oryzanol to assist with lubrication and provide antioxidant support to your soft tissues
  • Excellent and powerful amplified principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine for incredible colon health and cleansing action-Will not disrupt Naturally Occurring digestive Flora as does clays.
  • Packaged in a plant based Biotre, BPA Free lined kraft bag. Part of the Jeff’s Best Blends! Product Line-RAW Organic Cold Filtered Hemp Seed Oil, RAW Organic Finest Grind Hemp Protein, RAW Organic Super Fiber Formula, Theraputic Detox and Cleansing Bodycare, Deeply Moistutizing Massage and Body Oil, Skin Soothing Shave Oil, Exfoliating and Detoxifying Soap, Transdermal Antioxidant Soap, Deeply Moisturizing Soap, Delicious Mixes! RAW and Toasted Hemp Seeds! Garam Masala, Fiesta, Cacao and Lucuma, Lucuma, and Sea salt or Plain RAW.

This is a raw food item, in a simple easy to understand singular format. It may be incorporated easily into smoothies, raw or cooked food snacks, and many other recipes.



What do you think?
katherine says:

Hi…sorry, but neither your website page nor the Amazon page for the fiber product have the product weight. So I don’t know if it’s 2 oz’s or 2lbs, for instance. I tried zooming in on the image above at 400%, but still no luck (too blurry). I’m considering this product as an alternative to purchasing organic psyllium from India.

Please provide any additional information (product weight and benefits when compared to Indian psyllium).


admin says:

Hi Katherine,

On average, we don’t really encourage use of our comments section as an alternative to using the contact us page for product questions. We do appreciate your inquiry however. The product weight was added to both listings, we never really noticed that before. On our site, it’s meant to list more of the attributes of a given substance, not necessarily the respective product sizes. This has really done well in the stores, and we think is a way better source of fiber instead of psyllium. As for the benefits in contrast with psyllium, its’ listed on our product description, and as for contrasting, you’d have to do that part yourself. We very much appreciate your interest, and hope you find it more beneficial than the product you’re currently using.