The 5 bodycare items produced by my company were initially launched as a Skin Cleanse Kit. People do fantastic about remembering their livers, they do pretty good about remembering their kidney’s, but they do just horrible at remembering their skin, and yet their skin is the primary default organ to eliminate toxins that their kidney’s can’t handle, and it is also the one most exposed to direct chemicals, radiation, and pollutants.

These 5 items are most ideally used in conjunction with one another, as a part of a Skin Cleanse and Detox Kit/System. They are sold seperately because quite honestly I just didn’t think the market would understand it, or get it, literally or figuratively, with the exception of just hardcore purists or health minded individuals. The main population just didn’t seem quite ready for it.

Be that as it may, they are highly effective, and based on the Ayurvedic Principal of a daily Ubtan, to assist in balancing your energy, your dosha, and restoring balance to your energy and body.

The Exfoliating and Detoxifying Soap is meant to be like the primer (as I like to call it) cleaning, removing toxins, and sluffing off dead skin to leave the pores and skin ready to receive greater assistance for balance and health.

The Transdermal Antioxidant Soap is meant to provide nourishing and powerful holistic support to the skin by means of 51 different Vitamins and Minerals, Organic Grasses, Grass Juices, Two types of Kelp, Land Veggies, Sea Veggies, Clove Oil and Meal, and Green Tea Leaves and Extract. The later provides all three categories of antioxidants (lypophylic, hydrophylic, and midrange tannins-aka, fat soluable, water soluable, and tannins), and the former provides nourshing minerals, and vitamins delivered directly to your skin to assist in providing excellent skin health.

The Deeply Moisturizing Soap is meant to provide specialized support for individuals with dry skin conditions, like psoriasis, and eczema, and just plain old dry skin. It’s loaded with Hemp Oil, in a pure castille base, and it’s very gentle on the skin.

The Deeply Moisturizing Massage and Body Oil is meant to provide additional support for muscle aches in massage, as well and extra moisturizing support to really nourish and restore damaged skin in various forms. The chlorophyll rich RAW Cold Filtered Hemp Oil assists in removing toxins, and provides soothing anti inflammatory properties, as well as being rich in GLA. The Olive oil provides an excellent glide for massage, and the light scent of Bergamot is pleasant to both genders, hold a very positive cheerful vibrational frequency, and acts as a very gentle form of skin peel to sluff off dead skin and restore the skin’s lustre.

The Soothing Shave Oil is to further provide fine touches and additional support to delicate areas of the body, or provide additional anti-inflammatory or anti-rash support. The incredible combination of Camomile, Calendula, and RAW Cold Filtered Hemp Oil  provides an amazingly close rash free shave anywhere that’s needed, and is not gender specific, or scented. It is also an excellent anti-wrinkle oil, as well as a fantastic soothing oil for sunburns. This exact blend is sold by many companies as an anti-wrinkle serum, with just Vitamin E, and Vitamin A added, for literally 4 times the cost. I felt this was too limiting, and kind of a rip-off and wanted to allow customers to experience the powerful benefits of the pure clean oils all on their own without they gummy texture of Vitamin E, and Vitamin A.


Together, and used in harmony with one another, this simple, powerful combination of items offers you and your family an incredibly comprehensive Skin Cleanse Kit, and Skin Support System. Used independently they can provide specified support for a wide array of issues faced by individuals.

All of this was born out of the California Lifestlye, to assist someone like me, who loves to hike, surf, swim, and just gets stuck in traffic driving around in the hot desert sun of California, or someone who is exposed (all of us are) to high amounts of soot, chemicals, toxins, etc. from a wide array of sources. Try it out to day and you will see how gorgeous your skin can get in no time flat when you combine the right elements.




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