My name is Jeffrey Von Stetten
and I am the founder and owner of Jeff’s Best Hemp!

What is Jeff’s Best Hemp! all about, and who am I?
Let me tell you!

I consider myself to have been absolutely blessed to have worked with some of the best companies on the market, both private and publicly sold, and some of best holistic practitioners on the western coast. I consider it all to be valueable beyond words.

As a Clinical Nutritionist, an avid Vegan of over 20 years, a Cancer survivor, a tenacious supporter of nutritional and industrial Hemp, a musician, over 12 years of in depth behavioural health experience and counseling, and someone who has been around the health industry since I was a child as a professional racquetball player I am always on the quest for the best I can find, and that competitive spirit is very much a part of my lifestyle. It is a labor of love that has come to fruition. Hence the birth of Jeff’s Best Hemp!

Jeff’s Best Hemp! is representative of the things I hold most dear, and nutritionally represents the very best of what I believe is out there, what I want for myself, and to share with others to help everyone have the very best quality of life they possibly can in a way that is fun and easy to manage and understand.

While working in the Behavioural Health and Integrated Medicine field, as well as public health field, I always saw how nutrition drastically improved the lives of my clients. I’ve worked with abused children, people living with HIV/AIDS, Seniors with serious health challenges, and seniors with serious mental health challenges. Clean Nutrition and simple Holistic steps ALWAYS improved their quality of life and they did much better when simple steps were applied to their lives, and intensive nutrition and holistic medicine were applied to their diet.

Simple items, to help make simple steps make the most progress toward a nutritionally therapeutic lifestyle, not just putting out fires but making genuine holistic progress that improves the efforts and people’s quality of life immeasurably!

Jeff’s Best Hemp! is based on one simple principle, and that is to treat others as I would want to be treated. My goal is to design and share items that are nutritionally dense, cruelty free, clean, simple, and highly bioavailable. As a practitioner myself, I have a deep respect for companies with true nutritional integrity, and even more importantly, a true mutual respect of Love, Compassion and Mercy toward their customers and the world around them. I have the deeply meaningful privelage of being continually mentored by individuals personally and by example, who I believe set groundbreaking precedents in the nutritional and holistic realm by their efforts.

As a cancer survivor myself, I don’t take issues of health lightly. I believe that it was God who saved my life. I am 100% dedicated to providing you the absolute best I can get my hands on, and providing powerful products that have a collective goal to heal, and help you have the best quality of life possible. They are founded on the principal of treating others as you would wish to be treated. If you know something is toxic or can cause harm, you should not give it to someone else. It’s that simple. Take that up a notch, and actually work towards items that contribute healing to another, and make the industry better, and that is the power focused in Jeff’s Best Hemp!

I am a Graduate of the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Encinitas, California and am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. I am a practitioner, with clients of my own.

I believe that music, nutrition, social action, art, human services andall that wonderful quest for the best in all it’s creative forms, are all a part of the same beautiful spirit in different forms and facets, and I love it all.

When we all work together, it’s amazing what we can accomplish!
Jeff’s Best Hemp! is a result of that beautiful guiding spirit.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable, well rounded, multifaceted plants that we as human beings have to draw from in our arsenal of nutritional , industrial, and agricultural choices to make healthy, long lived, powerfully impacting choices toward better lives, a better planet, and a better world . It’s time to grow up and stop lying because all the statistics are in, and hemp is helping to win the battle and go green in so many many numerous ways. There are many many things that need to be combined, and done to accomplish an ideal diet.

Hemp represents a simple singular substance that can really help to bridge the gap, towards a sound, and focused lifestyle and diet.
One unpolluted with plastics and soot are a clear step in the right direction.

Treat others the way you would wish to be treated.
Choose your consumerism, for generations yet to see the world.
The rest will take care of itself.

Jeffrey Von Stetten, C.C.N. B.S.H.S.


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